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Cannabis Meets DeFi


Rewards System

Black Diamond is a blockchain based platform for the cannabis industry bridging the gaps from cultivator to consumer.
Cannabis, Crypto, NFTs & Metaverse Gaming

Cultivation and Dispensary Integration

Black Diamond provides a blockchain solution for tracing cannabis through the product lifecycle from clone to consumer. Immutable IDs are assigned at the seed born on date and are attached to plants using NFT smart contracts to follow the life cycle securely through the supply chain process to document data points and provide insights for quality control and research collaborations.

Members Rewards a Collaborative Global Network

Members of the Black Diamond Network, clients, vendors, owners, are all rewarded as currency token holders. The utilities built into the rewards programs include discounts on products and services as well as increased profits and passive incomes. The Black Diamond network maximizes gains for the Cannabis industry as a collective.

DeFi for the Cannabis Industry

Decentralized Finance, and tokenomics are the opportunity for the Cannabis Industry to create legitimate, secure and stable financial exchange networks to drive maximum profitability and growth. Black Diamond is leveraging years of experience and relationships to build a consortium of participants in the cannabis ecosystem to drive this success.

Black Diamond Token

Closing the gap between cultivator and consumer creating secure, stability, legitimacy and quality production. From the farm to the home the Black Diamond network drives community, visibility and growth for the cannabis ecosystem.

Leveraging Blockchain smart contracts, currency tokens and unique 1 of 1 tokens for members to participate in the world’s first inclusive legitimate Cannabis network that maximized profitable growth and quality control.

NFT Marketplace

Black Diamond Network is self-sustaining and a marketplace for product accessibility and distribution with safe currency exchange and product traceability is a key component to the success of this consortium.

Additionally this allows us the opportunity to drive utility, rewards, profits and community. Driving community engagement through education and gamification. Healthy competition is fun!



Black Diamond utilizes blockchain technology to solve many of the issues plaguing the cannabis industry today.

The Black Diamond ecosystem will establish the national cannabis tracking and reporting standard.


Token Symbol: BLKD | Platform: Ethereum


Max Total Supply of (BLKD): 1,000,000,000,000


Reflections to Holders

Distributes Rewards to Token Holders


Burn Rate

Increases Value for Token Holders


Auto Liquidity

Maintains Token Value


Development & Marketing

Ensures Project Growth and Contributes to Project Exposure


Community Fund

Goes Back to the Community with AirDrop, IRL & Metaverse Event, Cannabis Giveaways, Excursions, and Charity Contributions

Rug Pull Feature

30% Penatly

Investor who sells within 24 hours of buy order will receive a 30% penalty fee.