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About Us

Black Diamond was created out of necessity by a conglomerate of cannabis industry professionals. We seek to solve the issues encountered while navigating through the cannabis ecosystem from cultivation to consumption.

On a trip to the metaverse, our visionary leader, Diamond D, gained an in-depth knowledge of blockchain technology. During his sabbatical, Diamond D met with cryptography experts who taught him how the tokenization of cannabis marketplaces and supply chain will revolutionize the industry on a global scale. 

Once back IRL, Diamond D called a meeting of the tribes and explained the symbiosis between the blockchain and cannabis. That evening Black Diamond was born. The rest, as they say, is history! Diamond Dee will forever be known as the godfather of the clone-to-consumer DeFi cannabis movement.


Black Diamond provides a blockchain solution for tracing cannabis through the product lifecycle from clone to consumer driving quality, stability and growth.

We drive community through education, gamification, access and growth. 

A blockchain solution for the tracing and management of cannabis products from clone-to-consumer.

Member rewards programs to boosts growth, visibility, and community

Education & Gaming
Interactive content and educational gaming reinforce community engagement and provide value while expanding reach via the blockchain.

Token Allocation

Allocation to a Locked Wallet for Future Liquidity 60%
Team Wallet15%
Marketing Wallet5%
Treasury Wallet5%

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Our Mission

Black Diamond provides a blockchain solution for tracing cannabis through the product lifecycle from clone to consumer driving quality, stability and growth.

We empower brands and consumers to have a more robust understanding of product cultivation, manufacturing, distribution, and sales data. But, life isn’t just business, you also need to have fun! So, the team at Black Diamond is driving the community through gamification and education, to authentically grow the cannabis ecosystem. 

Black Diamond is an all-in-one solution setting the national standard for tracking and reporting cannabis product data to retailers and consumers. From clone-to-consumer, Black Diamond is what the cannabis industry has been missing!



Derrick Wayne Le

Founder / CEO

What Our Partners are Saying

From clone-to-consumer… people value the Black Diamond experience.
  • “Before I joined the Black Diamond team, it was hard to provide a complete and accurate accounting of my plants to manufacturers. I was constantly butting heads with state and local municipalities regarding compliance issues. Since I joined the Black Diamond team, I’ve been able to tag and track my plants and easily transfer that information to our manufacturing and processing partners. Best of all, I have accurate record-keeping for the state!”

    Larry Greenfield
  • “The level of granularity provided from my Black Diamond growers is night and day compared to our independent growers. The plants come in with origin and pesticide data attached. Also, I can see how long it took to grow and harvest the product. Each shipment contains the tracking data of every plant in that run, so I never have to question the accuracy of the data provided or worry about mistakes.”
    Mike DeBlaster
  • “Black Diamond provides a convenient management system for all of our samples. Since integrating with the Black Diamond platform, we have been able to move products more swiftly and efficiently through the process and increase the number of tests completed daily.”
    Jim Pestori
    Testing Laboratory Manager
  • “For us, Black Diamond has been a lifesaver! Not only can we verify product data, but now we don’t have to guess as to the specifics. When a customer wants to know where or how a plant was grown, or how long it’s been on the shelf, we scan the packaging QR code and reveal a complete history of the product immediately!”
    Bill Pushington
    Retail Dispensary Owner