Snoop Dogg’s Son Julian Broadus Joins BDToken

Snoop Dogg’s son, Julian Broadus, celebrates his new role at (BLKD) BDToken by partying with Soulja Boy and French Montana at the BDToken launch party on Soulja Boy’s 32nd birthday. Julian is serious about online gaming and is taking a major role in the development of BDToken’s NFT gaming platform. Julian says, “my favorite part about gaming is the ability to perfect your own craft based on the amount of repetition you pour into it.”

The BDToken consortium of cannabis brands gathered to celebrate Soulja Boy’s 32nd birthday in the Hollywood Hills and announce the official launch of the BDToken on August 5th, 2022. Sources reveal that while Soulja Boy is still negotiating his role within the BDToken ecosystem, we can report that Snoop Dogg’s son Julian Broadus has officially joined the BDToken team.

Julian is Snoop Dogg’s 5th son and shares his father’s enthusiasm for music, cannabis, and crypto. In addition to game development, expect to see Julian in an outward-facing role supporting BDToken’s marketing efforts. Julian’s high-level relationships within the cannabis community will be instrumental in introducing BDToken’s services and technology to a larger group of cannabis companies.

Soulja Boys’ 3rd Annual Birthday Bash, a tradition born during the pandemic, has blossomed into the summer’s must-attend hip hop, cannabis, and Web3 event. While the BDToken team met upstairs to discuss business, the party was in full swing throughout the expansive hillside estate. Industry executives, Hollywood socialites, celebrity influencers, and artists enjoyed a lavish party, all sponsored by BDToken. There were a variety of sumptuous treats for guests like cannabis giveaways, gourmet foods, live performances, and a giant pinata full of joints. The black carpet was jam-packed with media, including celebrity reporters, sports news outlets, cannabis magazines, crypto bloggers, and paparazzi. The entire event was streamed on Tiktok LIVE by Sean Combs’ Revolt TV.

Soulja Boy judged a birthday-themed twerking contest while performing on stage with French Montana for over twenty minutes. Power 106’s DJ Carisma spun crowd favorites, and fans packed the house, balconies, and pool until the cops broke up the event and revelers headed to Hyde Lounge for the after-party.

BDToken is a blockchain-based platform that has set its standard in supporting the cannabis industry by providing them with a secure, trustless international business exchange network with Derrick Le CEO of (BLKD) BDToken, targeting all bounds of blockchain technology, this platform intends to design an ecosystem that integrates the cultivators and consumers at a base level.


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